Fertiliser and lime

Fertiliser is used to feed the ground and promote plant growth. Horses require good quality grass. It must be nutritionally well balanced and not overly rich in nitrogen.
Horse paddocks which are too lush and high in nitrogen can result in colic, grass sickness and laminitis.

The first application is usually applied in early spring and again during the grazing season if necessary.

I use a compact tractor with mounted spreader which is ideally suited to paddocks where access can be tight.

I recommend Suregrow fertiliser for horse and alpaca grazing purposes. A key benefit of Suregrow is that livestock including horses do not need to be removed after application.
For spring and summer growth an application of 80 – 100kg per acre is recommended. If you are planning to graze over the winter, a smaller late autumn application of 60kg per acre will keep poaching to a minimum through helping to maintain a dense sward and make the most of early spring growth.

Suregrow can be applied right into mid-November, subject to ground and weather conditions.

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