Hedge Cutting & Tree Services

Hedge Cutting

I am happy to undertake your annual and biannual cutting usually in the autumn. I use either a compact tractor and hedge cutter for small confined jobs or alternatively for larger areas a larger agricultural machine.
The regular cutting of hedges will ensure that they do not encroach over your paddock or field causing loss of valuable feed space. It also encourages the hedge to grow thicker and bushy, which makes it a better fence for your horses and improves the habitat for wild life.

The mindset on hedge cutting has changed over the last few years and now it is suggested that you cut all non-intrusive hedges every 2 years but any hedge that overhangs or grows onto a pavement, public walkway, footpath, bridlepath or road is still cut annually.

A land owner is responsible for the cutting and control of his hedge row that includes the road side not only the side that faces into the paddock or field.

Domestic hedges can also be cut and maintained.

Tree Services

Clearance of fallen trees from your property and logged for you (cuttings and brash can be chipped).
Tree and hedge planting
Strimming can be undertaken in tree plantations.

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